Trademark Usage

Guidelines for use of Fiskars Brands, Inc. Trademarks

A. General

Brand identity and consumer recognition of the our brands is important to Fiskars Brands, Inc. ("FBI") and therefore we invest heavily in developing our various brands and sub-brands. In light of the importance of our brands to FBI, we are obligated to take steps to ensure proper usage of the marks and to challenge any misuse or infringement of our valuable marks. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide authorized dealers and distributors of FBI products the tools they need to help us build the consumer recognition of these valuable trademarks. If you are not an authorized dealer or distributor, or you are not selling genuine FBI branded products, then you are not permitted to make use of any FBI marks and these guidelines do not apply to you.

B. Permission to Use of FBI marks

If you are engaged in the promotion and sale of authentic FBI products purchased directly from FBI or from an authorized dealer or distributor of FBI products, then you will have a limited right to use the FBI marks in the promotion and sale of these goods. Your use of any FBI mark shall be subject to your agreement and understanding to use the marks consistent with these guidelines provided herein.

C. Guidelines and Limitations on Use of FBI Marks

Use of any FBI mark shall be according to the following:

  • FBI marks shall be used only in the promotion or sale of authentic FBI goods, namely products manufactured and/or sold by FBI.
  • FBI marks shall not be used in any manner in the promotion or sale of a ' products.
  • Please make the same use of the trademark symbol as FBI. Specifically, if FBI uses the ® or the ™ symbol in its promotional materials for a particular brand, then any use by you should be consistent.
  • Use the mark in the identical fashion as used by FBI, for example, do not change the mark POWERGEAR® to POWER GEAR or POWER-GEAR.
  • Use the mark as an adjective, followed by a generic noun, e.g. "POWERGEAR® loppers" or "SQUISHGRIP® scissors."
  • Do Not use the mark as a possessive noun, e.g. incorrect use would be "the POWERGEAR'S revolutionary gear mechanism..."
  • Do Not combine any FBI marks with any marks owned by you or owned by a third party.
  • Do Not register a domain name which incorporates an FBI mark, e.g. incorrect use would be
  • Do Not merely copy logo's or other artwork from the FBI website. In the event that you need to include particular logo's or artwork in your promotional materials, please send a copy of the proposed or draft materials to our Media Assets Supervisor, Doug Mullin (1+608-294-4582), and if the use is acceptable, we will provide you with the appropriate artwork.